How Long Have You Been Shooting?

Well, I've been carrying around a camera for the past 6 years I'd say. I really picked it up in high school and haven't looked back since. 2018 is my second full year of documenting Weddings.


What's Your Style?

Y'know, this is a question that always stumped me for a while... I wasn't sure how to classify my work, or if I even wanted to. I realized it wasn't such a harsh question after all, I just hadn't figured it out. If I were to say now, I'd say it's a little bit moody and a little bit airy with a lot of candid. Occasionally I'll mix in some natural posing. I'm always trying something new.


What Gear Do You Use?

I use all Nikon Full Frame gear. My main camera is a Nikon D750 with multiple prime lenses. I typically only have a zoom lens during the ceremony, otherwise I'm running around with 2 bodies, and two prime lenses. And a whack load of memory cards and batteries, just in case.


What Do I Do For Fun?

On the side I actually tame lions.

Just kidding, haha. I love the outdoors. Whether I'm at a park, or on a hike, I just love being outdoors. Sometimes Netflix and just lounging around the house can be fun, but all I know is nothing beats fresh air. Travelling is really important to me as well, this is something I've done a lot of!

That's just me. I also have a music obsession.


Advice For Being Photographed?

Just be you. It's as simple as that.

I do this because I love it. I want to give you something you can hold onto forever. I love meeting new people, and seeing couples totally in love in front of my camera. You're awesome and I appreciate all of you.